311 Violations of Law



Deal of the century contains 311 violations of international law. Watch to know more.


I am a representative of 13 million Palestinians

to demand just peace no more, no less.


Deal of the century contained

311 violations

of international law,

and it cannot achieve peace and security,

because it repealed the decisions

of international legitimacy,

.as the Palestinian president

Mahmoud Abbas said

during his address in front of the UN security council.


ladies and gentlemen, I came to emphasize

the Palestinian attitude rejecting the US-Israeli deal

because it delay the Palestinian sovereignty over the East Jerusalem.


According to Trump's deal,

undivided Jerusalem is considered

as Israel's capital,

and Abu Dis, a region in East Jerusalem, Palestine's capital.


Is this what we deserve?

is that what the people of Palestine deserve?


Will the Palestinians get their rights?