Abandon his Hobby to Live



Difficult living conditions push the citizen Adel Muhanna from the Gaza Strip to sell antiques and antiques collected in 20 years.


Adel Muhanna
Seller of antiquities
Today I have to sell these work pieces,
Because I do not have any livelihood.
When I sell one of these things, I feel that I sell part of myself.


Ancient and unique antiquities-
collected by Adel Muhanna from the Gaza Strip
It was a legacy from the past to become masterpieces of the present.
He inherited this hobby from 
his father 20 years ago,
turned to a livelihood  to insure income.
He abandon his hobby to preserve it as a heritage.
The difficult living conditions of the Gaza Strip
pushed him to sell these antiques.
Will the reality of Gaza improve,

 and Adel find another profession to keep his antiques?